Scoliosis Exercises – The Schroth Method

Discover the Best Scoliosis Exercises: The Schroth Method

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine appears to have an abnormal side to side curvature. Yet, the reality is that the scoliosis spine is more like a spiral of a spring, which is what commonly causes a rib hump on one side of the back.  The most common scoliosis treatment for curvatures under 20 degrees is to do nothing. A watch and wait approach is taken to see if it worsens. The problem with this is that it does nothing to correct the spine while it is most easily treated.  The conventional medical wisdom says that if the scoliosis progresses past 20 degrees then so then a hard brace is recommended. If the curvature passes 40 degrees then surgical intervention is often recommended.

Surgery for scoliosis is a very complex and lengthy procedure that most people want to try and avoid. Hard bracing is like being placed in a body cast that tends to cause atrophy of the already weakened muscles of the spine so that when the brace is removed the curvatures often worsen. The problem is that with conventional options being so limited people are left looking for alternatives.

Scoliosis Exercises Called the Schroth Method

The Schroth Method of Scoliosis Exercises has gained popularity because of it’s history of proven results. This method of exercise has been helpful for many people (adolescents and adults) suffering from scoliosis. It is effective at minimizing the abnormal curvatures of the spine. This particular method has been coined to be a three dimensional physical therapy for scoliosis because it acts to help de-rotate the spine in three anatomical planes, the sagittal, the frontal and the transverse. The Schroth method also puts emphasis on posture correction all throughout the day, not just on exercise proper.

The Schroth method of scoliosis exercises is formulated to improve posture by elongating the body and lengthening and strengthening the specific muscles of the spine that have become shortened as a result of scoliosis. In doing this a greater degree of muscular balance is achieved. When specific muscles gain strength, they will have the capability to hold the spine in a more straightened position and the diaphragm and ribcage is used to help move the body back into proper alignment.

Schroth Method - Lengthening and Strengthening a scoliosis

One focus of scoliosis correction with the Schroth Method is to achieve a correctly aligned pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation of spine. When the pelvis is laterally deviated and rotated, scoliotic spine occurs. The Schroth method is customized for each individual depending on their unique cases.

Another feature of this method is rotational breathing technique. It focuses on the de-rotation of the vertebra by treating ribs as levers. The Schroth method has been efficient alternative treatment for many scoliosis patients. Many have shown positive changes when they follow this treatment regimen as part of a comprehensive scoliosis treatment program. Many of our patients have given their positive feedbacks regarding this method.

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Many of them are quite thankful they were able to avoid scoliosis surgery and they consider this conservative method of scoliosis treatment an answer to their prayers. If you have scoliosis, give us a call to see if the Schroth Method is right for you. Our doctors provide Complimentary telephone consultations to discuss the particulars of your case.