SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace – the “Un” Brace for Scoliosis

Comparing conventional hard scoliosis bracing with the soft, dynamic SpineCor brace is like comparing apples to oranges. They are just fundamentally different.

Conventional Hard Scoliosis Brace

Hard bracing is the conventional way in the US to treat adolescent scoliosis but static bracing works by immobilizing the spine in a more normal alignment until  the child stops growing, thus acting much like a body cast. The best that can usually be hoped for with a hard brace is that the spine stabilizes and the scoliosis does not progress further. There is no expectation that a hard scoliosis brace will improve a scoliosis once the brace is removed. In fact, because it immobilizes the spine, it tends to cause muscle atrophy so that once the hard brace is removed the scoliosis progresses even further. Hard scoliosis braces have also not been proven effective in treating adults with scoliosis either and is not generally recommended. Fortunately, the development of a dynamic flexible scoliosis brace has changed that.

Dynamic SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

The SpineCor brace is a dynamic, flexible brace that is constructed out flexible, adjustable elastic bands that allow the patient to move into the direction of correction and restrains them from moving into their scoliosis. These elastic bands are positioned and tailored by a Certified doctor to suit a particular person’s scoliosis configuration. The SpineCor brace is the only type of scoliosis brace that has been proven to reduce scoliosis curvatures and is effective for treatment of adult scoliosis pain.

Dr. Christine Coillard, Dr. Charles Rivard, Dr. Gary Deutchman and Dr. Marc Lamantia

Dr. Christine Coillard, Dr. Charles Rivard, Dr. Gary Deutchman and Dr. Marc Lamantia

The SpineCor dynamic scoliosis Brace was developed by a pair of orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Christine Coillard and Dr. Charles Hilaire Rivard. It was originally developed for treatment of idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents. However, it is important to note that subsequent research have proven that this brace can be adapted to successfully treat adults with scoliosis by Dr. Gary Deutchman and Dr. Marc Lamantia who were very instrumental in pioneering modifications for the adult SpineCor brace.

Because this brace is flexible, it allows for a normal range of movement. It is lightweight and can easily be worn underneath clothing, unlike the traditional hard shell braces. The dynamic, elastic components of the brace provide continuous corrective pressure on the spine, gently easing it back into its proper position. These braces need to be worn up to twenty hours to be effective, but since they are fairly comfortable, patients have reported that this is not a problem.

We often couple the SpineCor scoliosis brace with scoliosis specific rehabilitative exercises called the Schroth Method. This specific therapeutic scoliosis exercise is designed to encourage the tone and strength of skeletal muscles which will help the body attain a proper posture without the need for major scoliosis surgery.

SpineCor Adult Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor has Been Modified to Help Adults with Pain from scoliosis


In addition to that, the patient does not need to have his or her life completely stopped. With the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace, the patient can enjoy playing sports, working out, and attending social functions without needing to take off the brace. In fact, the brace has it’s greatest corrective action when it is being worn during such physical activities.






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